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Copy rewrites and structural redesign of core product pages — plus, advice articles development.

Joe, from the start, showcased his deep knowledge and passion for all things content. His copywriting showed creative flair and Joe also thought about the science of content. He used his knowledge of SEO, UX and analytics to produce digital journeys that worked hard for customers. Joe is an asset to any content team, I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

— Helen Andreou

Head of Customer Experience, The AA


Following a rebrand, the AA was in the process of redesigning and replatforming its website. As part of the migration process, the site’s content required a serious overhaul in order to get it up to speed with latest brand guidelines. More generally, a lot of information had become out-of-date and not optimised for search, usability, and conversion.

Existing content didn’t reflect the company’s new human tone of voice. Furthermore, its product messaging and value propositions were… a tad prosaic. And more broadly, the site was in need of a serious structural tidy up, with lots of confusing links and info-overload hampering user experience.

The site’s driving school pages were a case in point.



Screenshot and annotations of The AA driving school website circa 2016.


Jumping into the new site CMS, Sitecore, I got to work on fresh concepts for page layouts, modules, and copy assets.

New suggested page assets focused on optimising for:

  • stronger information hierarchy, with need-to-knows at the top of the page, and further details coming later
  • crisp value propositions and proof points
  • better audience and user journey segmentation
  • more sophisticated cross-selling of products and services


Which started looking like this…


New driving school landing page



Driving lessons detail page



Driving lessons advice articles



Wider advice articles revised and updated


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