The digital age demands that we shift our mindset from seeing ourselves as influencers of media channels—to owners of media channels. It requires, in other words, that we become digital publishers.

The inconvenient truth: we might be great at reactively adopting these new tools and “giving them a go”—but we haven’t yet necessarily mastered the art and science of using them at their highest value.

Doing that requires change and realignment of skills and resources.

Content strategy can be used as a major driving force for that realignment (i.e. digital transformation), introducing new ways of approaching, thinking about and working with digital publishing channels so that they’re contributing the level of value that they could and should be. I call it being “content-ready”.

Becoming a content-ready organisation is all about developing:

  • the right internal mindset and culture
  • the right skills and expertise
  • the right tools and technologies

When these elements come together, a brand can be thought of as hitting its “content sweet spot”—the intersection between technical, editorial, and strategic mastery that differentiates brands that excel online from those that don’t seem to be able to get their acts together when it comes to strategically managing their digital communications.

In the below slides, I break down those three elements in more detail and provide a road map for how an organisation can approach, ignite, and implement the changes it needs to become a content-ready organisation and hit its content sweet spot.

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