Heart in handsWe all wish to be truly seen and heard by others. To connect. To be understood and valued.

And the basis of all connection is clear and effective communication.

In the digital age, content is the single most powerful communications tool at an organisation’s disposal.

Today, what we say and share online makes or breaks our ability to connect and build relationships with the people we need to reach. As Sally Hogshead says, “Every time you communicate, you’re either adding value—or taking up space.”

We are, literally, what we publish. If what we share online adds value to others, we earn the right to connect and build relationship with them. If, on the other hand, what we publish is merely taking up space, we’re little more than human spam.

To become noticed online is rarely, if ever, down to luck. The difference between the brand that is the signal rather than the noise, which resonates rather than blending in, is often down to a difference in how they approach and think about the value of their digital channels from the perspective of what they’re using them to communicate.

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