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What’s your story? How to break free from self-limiting narratives

In order to perpetually grow, have the courage to pursue our passions, and achieve things, the stories that boost us need to significantly outnumber those that weigh us down.


The key to happiness lies in finding your flow

Perhaps one of the most misguided aspects of modern thinking on happiness is the simplistic idea of it being a fixed, passively received endpoint, dependent on external circumstance – rather than it describing a fluid, ongoing state of engagement with the world that we proactively self-create.


Is location-independent working the future?

Among the countless ways in which digital technology continues to disrupt and revolutionise our lives, how we work – and specifically where we work – has become the subject of both optimistic reimagining of cultural norms, and heated debate.


The multisensory learning revolution transforming education

Rapid evolution of digital tech has brought a cornucopia of multisensory products and apps that are fundamentally altering society’s expectations of how the world can be experienced. Once one-dimensional objects and concepts are now the focus of a multi-faceted universe of sight, sounds, touch, movement, smell and taste. And perhaps in no other area of society is this having more of a positive impact, than in education.


Designing the ultimate workspace: how our environment shapes our ability to think

Is it possible to literally design our way to a more creative, productive version of ourselves in the workplace? Often, it can be the little things – things that we’re often capable of designing and controlling ourselves – that can add up to the big things.


The secret science of sound in workplace design

The science of designing sound for work is still evolving. But it seems that architects and business leaders alike are increasingly being encouraged to give far more thought to the ways in which their offices are designed not only as places to physically inhabit, but as places that are experienced through our senses.


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