Department for International Trade

Content strategy | Product development
Discovery and content design work for a redeveloped events platform.


The department’s existing events platformed suffered from a range of UX issues.

  • Content formats: non-standardised, inconsistent branding, links to events living on different platforms
  • Readability and language: individual event pages very jargon-heavy, non plain English, inaccessible
  • Messaging: lightweight, generic, non-instructive
  • Conversion optimisation: copy missing cognitive principles of influence/persuasion
  • SEO: missing basics of consistent keyword research and targeting
  • Metadata and taxonomies: messy, unaligned with wider department vocabularies, not aligned with language of users
  • IA and navigation: extremely limited, reverse-chronological list of events, not topical, not structured, not user-centred



Content audit and user journey mapping work established critical pain points and opportunities.



Content strategy goals established focus and priorities for new platform.



Content design work on new proposed event page template



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