The only reason we publish content is to add value—to our goals and our audiences’ needs. Obvious point, but if our content doesn’t do both of those things: it is not valuable.

Here’s an easy technique for getting a handle on the ways your content is (and is not) adding value. Ask the following questions of any given piece of content:

  • Does this content fascinate with a compelling message and objective tied to a specific business objective? In other words: does it have a clear purpose?
  • Is this content targeted at a specific audience, directly informed by their needs and interests. As in: is it relevant?
  • Is this content consistent, accurate, and engaging. I.e. Is it editorially sound?
  • Is this content easy to find, use, and understand. Meaning: is it accessible?

The quick-reference visual aid for that…

4 elements of valuable content
Share with colleagues. Use as a guide for evaluating new content requests. See if it helps to identify and prioritise needs for a content audit. Have it hand as a tool to keep messy content projects on track.

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